Reidiculous is a juggler last, a whip cracker mostly and a comedian sometimes. This unique performance will have audiences asking “why?” As one of the few performers in the world that juggles 3 whips while simultaneously cracking them this act ensures that you will see stunts you have never seen before.

Justin Hall

An All-Ages performance about fairy tales and magic teaching children and adults alike about life lessons. Complete with jokes, tricks, and stories that keep everyone entertained. In character both on stage and off- this act is all about immersion and keeping everyone on their toes.

Madame Macabre’s House of Curiosities

Madame Macabres House of Curiosities is virtuoso museum of memento mori, filled with treasure, musical and mythological artifacts. From Elizabethan Tudor, Taxidermy head mounts to elegant bone and gemstone Jewelry, Madame Macabre’s opulently embellishes animal remains in an expression to commemorate the dead in the continuity of life.


Spellsword is a tool and edge maintenance and sharpening service and shop. On site sharpening of all edged tools or blades is available. We also supply sharpening kits and supplies as well as tool maintenance kits and supplies. Bring us you dull knives, swords, and tools to have them restored to the finest cutting edge.