Forest at Faire of Champions


As land gets cleared out on the different work weekends, we are welcoming Guild (clan) leaders and their representatives out to the property. Guild leaders and their representatives will have the opportunity to stake out their guild site within designated areas of the camp grounds. Once the site is claimed, those areas will be the responsibility of the guild to clear and maintain.

Claiming a guild site is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the amount of land is based on active members in that guild.

Please read the rules below for holding land, and then email our guild coordinator, Beth Payne, to schedule a tour and discuss with her the placement for your guild. Your guild will be responsible for clearing a path to the site if there isn’t one already cleared. You will also need to work on clearing out your guild site during work weekends.

Guild Rules for Holding Land 

  1. Guilds are expected to have an attendance minimum of 50% of their members 50% of the duration of Faire of Champions Season. 
  2. A guild must have a minimum of 20 active members over the age of 18 years to be assigned and hold guild land. Any guilds smaller than this are welcome in general camping.
  3. All guilds holding land before April 1, 2022 must have their site cleared and ready for Season 2023 by November 27, 2022, which is the last guild work weekend for the year. 
  4. Guilds are expected to keep their site clean and clear at all times. 
  5. Guilds are to understand that sites not being used will be used for over flow of general camping during Faire of Champions Season 2023. 
  6. Guilds are to understand that sites not being used may be rented out during off-season times for any off-season event as seen necessary. If the campgrounds as a whole have been rented out, guilds will not have access during that time. Otherwise, access will be worked out on a case-by-case basis between guild leaders and guild coordinator. 
  7. Guilds are expected to lead by example in following the campground’s rules set by Woodcock Woodlands. 
  8. Guilds on Wandering Way are to have an activity set up to benefit the path that is approved and registered with Woodcock Woodlands. 
  9. Any Guilds holding activities on their sites that are open to the general public must be registered with Woodcock Woodlands. 
  10. Any Guilds holding activities that are adult in nature (nudity and/or sexual activity) are to wait till 10 PM to begin AND post signs at their entrances that no one under the age of 18 are allowed to enter. Any minors camping with the guild hosting are the direct responsibility of their parents or legal guardian.  
  11. Any buildings on guild sites must be temporary and can be put up during set-up weekends and removed during break-down weekends. 
  12. Guilds may treat their area for ticks and other pest with natural treatments only. Diatomaceous earth, pyrethrum (chrysanthemum derivative), or neem oil products are recommended.  
  13. Privacy fencing may ONLY be placed around camp showers or toilets. 
  14. Leaders are to notify the guild coordinator in advance when scheduling guild work weekends or any other activities in the campgrounds to avoid scheduling conflicts and ensure a key holder is available to be on property. 
  15. Temporary builds in a guild’s space are allowed. Builds may go up no sooner than the first move-in weekend right before Season 2023 starts and MUST be removed by the end of the second move-out weekend following the end of Season 2023. 

Rules for Guilds at Woodcock Woodlands are subject to change at any time for any reason without notice. Violators may be subject to removal from campgrounds and suspension of campground privileges, up to and including, loss of land holding.

Any questions or concerns may be addressed with the Guild Coordinator, Beth Payne,

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