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Faire of Champions 2025


  • Ace’s Faces

    Ace’s Faces

    Face painting, face gems and glitter designs

  • Ancient Paths and Traditions

    Ancient Paths and Traditions

    We are a witchcraft and pagan supply company that sells handcrafted items such as spell candles, oils, a large apothecary with teas, tinctures, dried herbs, salves and roll-on‘s handmade jewelry, and many other amazing items.

  • Boss Blades Forge

    Boss Blades Forge

    Beauty & function in high-quality, hand-crafted & hand-forged pieces! Swords, Blades, & so much more! 

  • Burning Sands Turkish Coffee

    Burning Sands Turkish Coffee

    Performing on site coffee roasting and brewing in a Turkish tradition.

  • Color Wheel Crafts

    Color Wheel Crafts

    Welcome to Color Wheel Crafts. I create unique works of art out of resin, wire and yarn. Here you will find a variety of handmade jewelry, components for other artists to create with, sun catchers, sculptures, toys and more

  • Cravencrow Costuming

    Cravencrow Costuming

    Whether you’re looking for the highest quality hats for witches and wizards or if you’re in the market for a majestic new cape or cloak, Cravencrow Costuming has the perfect accessory to complete your fantasy costume.

  • Crow and Hound

    Crow and Hound

    We specialize in Handcrafted Nordic wares. Most of our items are sourced by us here in Maine. We take special care to make each item by hand and created to be one of a kind. All items are cleansed and charged to insure you are receiving the highest quality we can provide.

  • Crown Jewel Braids

    Crown Jewel Braids

    Hair Styling using braids, twists and accessories.

  • Crystal Mountain

    Crystal Mountain

    Crystal Mountain has sold hand-dipped incense, fragrance oil and aroma jewelry at festivals for three decades. Now we are glad to be joining Faire of Champions!

  • Dragonfly Acres

    Dragonfly Acres

    On my property, I found 3 little Dragon-flys. After gaining their trust, I started teaching them. Clawrence I trained to use his claws to carve out beautiful pictures. Burnedette I trained to breathe a tiny precision flame that chars images into the wood, and Meltildia was proficient in magic so had her conjure up a……

  • Eastern Woods Art

    Eastern Woods Art

    Eastern Woods Art & Accents provides handmade artwork, woodwork, and costume accessories. Carving/customization and mending services are available.

  • Elemental Henna

    The body is a canvas and henna allows us to temporarily create art on it.

  • Farrago Bibelots

    Farrago Bibelots

    Farrago BibelotsFarrago (fuh-rah-GO) means a variety or medley. A bibelot (bib-LOH) is an object of curiosity, beauty or rarity. Here at Farrago Bibelots that is what we sell, a variety of pretty curiosities from medieval Africa and beyond. On our shelves you can find pottery, artwork and home decor all inspired by the trade routes……

  • Feistypants Creations

    Feistypants Creations

    Leather items, including, dice trays and shaving kits. Hand crafted items – 3D printed items, rug art, leather work, small sewn goods, and crochet accessories.

  • Forget Me Knot Stitchery

    Forget Me Knot Stitchery

    Handmade Renaissance garb to help you take your look to the next level. A little magic in every stitch!

  • Got Wood Cups

    Got Wood Cups

    Wood Cups, Games, Tables.

  • Heathen Hearth

    Heathen Hearth is a three generation, women run shop. We offer items to make your home as weird and cute as you want. We offer incense burners, dragon and fairy statues, mugs, art and leather works for decorating your fantasy home.

  • Horde’s Haven Crafts

    Horde’s Haven Crafts

    I make poured resin Creations dragons unicorns fairies some pagan and witchy items. I also have a pick your parts jewelry station which is Build-A-Bear for jewelry.

  • Horns of Helheim

    Horns of Helheim

    Welcome to Horns of Helheim! We sell handmade and natural drinking horns. Glory with every sip!

  • House Mobius Encampment

    House Mobius Encampment

    House Ragged Tiger Bopper Pit

  • Indigo Moon Ceramics

    Indigo Moon Ceramics

    Small batch ceramic artist with an emphasis on cottage core wares.

  • Leukaupon Tea Company

    Leukaupon Tea Company

    Wild grown yaupon tea and tea accessories

  • LMC Soap

    LMC Soap

    All natural soaps and bath bombs.

  • Madame Macabre’s House of Curiosities

    Madame Macabre’s House of Curiosities

    Madame Macabres House of Curiosities is virtuoso museum of memento mori, filled with treasure, musical and mythological artifacts. From Elizabethan Tudor, Taxidermy head mounts to elegant bone and gemstone Jewelry, Madame Macabre’s opulently embellishes animal remains in an expression to commemorate the dead in the continuity of life.

  • Midgard Apothecary

    Midgard Apothecary

    We are a brand new metaphysical shop in Houston, Texas. Handcrafted and curated for all your magickal and mundane desires.

  • MishCraft


    dragon/fae hatchable eggs, resin items, tarot/palmistry

  • Red Dog Forge

    Red Dog Forge

    My name is Shane Stainton, I’m a blacksmith and blade smith living and working in a small studio in Texas with my wonderful wife Leslie. We have specialized in bespoke hand forged and stock removal knives since 2005. We make primarily culinary steels and One of a kind fixed blade knives. Our bespoke and one-of……

  • Rock It! US

    Rock It! US

    Rock It features quality specimens to enhance your experience with a focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Salted and Bound

    Salted and Bound

    Welcome to Salted and Bound, we make homemade salt scrubs. We started with the simple idea of bringing the best from us to you. From our founder to our front-line workers, we put lots of love and careful thought into all we do. We hope you enjoy all we have to offer, and share the……

  • SAS Originals

    SAS Originals

    Eclectic goods consisting of laser engraved wood / plaques / cards, window cling suncatchers, and assorted sewn goods.

  • Scallywag Creations

    Scallywag Creations

    Ice Dyed silk and cotton, marbled silk cotton, wood and leather items. Hand engraved glass items, Wood burned items, silk inlayed jewelry.

  • Spellsword

    Spellsword is a tool and edge maintenance and sharpening service and shop. On site sharpening of all edged tools or blades is available. We also supply sharpening kits and supplies as well as tool maintenance kits and supplies. Bring us you dull knives, swords, and tools to have them restored to the finest cutting edge.

  • Tempest Mystic Productions

    Tempest Mystic Products is a altar supply and jewelry shop. We specialize in handmade incense, burners, small cauldrons, candles, alter supplies, chainmail jewelry and bells. Everything you need to start an altar or add to yours can be found at Tempest.

  • Texas Bath House

    Texas Bath House

    Handmade bathproducts, soaps, lotions, bathbombs, chapsticks and more!

  • The Evergreen Goddess Emporium

    The Evergreen Goddess Emporium

    The Evergreen Goddess Emporium features one-of-a-kind headpiece art that is sure to accent your costume perfectly. You can also find uniquely created gemstone jewelry and charms for your person or wears. The owner and operator is an international published author and spiritual coach who has developed her own dragon oracle card deck. Images from the……

  • The Hobo Patch

    The Hobo Patch

    The Hobo Patch features quality, fun, colorful clothing that is made from natural materials. The majority of clothing is handmade in Nepal and is ethically sourced and ecologically friendly. The ‘vibe’ of our clothing and accessories is a mixture of hippie, patchwork and boho and a perfect look for faires, festivals, or just day to……

  • The Horny Wench

    The Horny Wench

    Originating in San Antonio, Texas, our company thrives on selling only the highest quality of natural horn products. You can often see the crafter/owner/wench, “Horny Tina” at various local markets and events.

  • Two Butterflies

    Two Butterflies

    Handmade items including: hair accessories, wire fantasy ear cuffs, circlets, mini top hats, and much more!

  • Two Snakes Apothecary

    Two Snakes Apothecary

    All products are hand made 100% all natural ingredients and/or metals. Specializing in fragrances, beard and bath oils.

  • What’s in a Name Rings

    What’s in a Name Rings

    Custom engraved rings

  • Witch Hovel

    Witch Hovel

    Come to the Witch Hovel before your next adventure! We have enchanting jewels for men and women. Declare your loyalty to Thor and your courageous partner in one stop. Hand woven gemstones, gorgeous stainless steel pendants and rings. Sigils for many Norse, Greek, Roman and Abrahamic deities/gods/saints! Mama Baba says, “Everything must go… For a……

  • Woven Magic

    Woven Magic

    We do fiber arts in spinning and weaving cloth. We take raw fiber of all kinds and demonstrations on how to do this and teach it at the same time. To anyone that might like to learn. We will have several looms set up at the fair so people can walk through the booth and……

  • ᚲᚺᚨᛁᚱᛊ ᛒᛁ ᚲᚱᛁᛊ

    ᚲᚺᚨᛁᚱᛊ ᛒᛁ ᚲᚱᛁᛊ

    Handcrafted Viking chairs, modeled after a clever, two plank, ancient design. Handmade and completely customizable, these simple chairs are designed to allow you to sit comfortably by the campfire even with your axes!  

More to come…