Scallywag Creations

Ice Dyed silk and cotton, marbled silk cotton, wood and leather items. Hand engraved glass items, Wood burned items, silk inlayed jewelry.

Earth and Time Bohemian Bizarre

Leather and felt hats and feathers. Leather and fabric pouches. Leather and fabric belts. Leather accessories. Coats, capes, and vests. Corsets, blouses, and skirts. Shirts, pants, and jackets. Kilts. Fans. Headbands, hat pins, bracelets, pendants, wooden toys.

Ye Olde Soap Box

All Handmade products made on our farm include goat milk soap, beer soap, lotion, lip balm, sugar scrub, beard oil, shaving bar, bath bombs, bath salts and more bath and body products.

Alaric’s Traveling Emporium

Smaller bladesmithing products such as knives, as well as general blacksmithed utility items, LARP and real weapons, custom-made adventuring items (fantasy rucksacks, potion bottles, bedrolls, general adventuring gear, props of various magic items, etc.), some clothing items, some armour (mostly custom-made), leather goods appropriate to adventuring parties, and similar. The concept is a traveling emporium… Continue reading Alaric’s Traveling Emporium