Volunteer FAQs

Volunteer FAQs

We are looking for volunteers for the upcoming 2024 season “Building the Dream”. If you are interested in volunteering for any of the positions below please contract our Volunteer Coordinator at: volunteer@faireofchampions.com

Sign up sheets for each weekend are linked below;

For questions and more information, please email volunteer@faireofchampions.com

Application requirements are: 

  • Must pass a background check 
  • Be available on weekends 
  • Must be at least 18 years old 

Positions Available: 

Be at the front gate checking in campers, vendors, & entertainers and directing them to the correct camping area. Must be able to use the Square App on your phone. 

Be at Fairground Gate checking in guests, taking tickets, stamping hands, & checking wristbands. Must be able to use the Square App on your phone. 

Be at the Pub checking in and retrieving BYOB alcohol for guests., Serving non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. Must be able to use the Square App on your phone. 

Check trash receptacles and change out of full. Check to make sure there is toilet paper, and the Pora-A-Potties are clean. 

Be in the fairgrounds to help guests, vendors, and entertainers if problems arise and call proper authorities if needed. 

Direct campers, vendors, & entertainers to the correct camping & parking areas. 

Be in General Camp to direct campers to camping spots. 

Be in the campground to help guests, vendors, and entertainers if problems arise and call proper authorities if needed. 

If you are interested in volunteering or want more information, please contact volunteer@faireofchampions.com  Weekends Jan 6th – Feb 10th

Here at Faire of Champions and Woodcock Woodlands, we have had many volunteers join us for faire season and work weekends. We are very grateful to each and every one for being a part of the dream. It is our sincerest hope that you each have had the opportunity to explore and follow your own dreams in the process. Whether you have come one afternoon or most weekends makes no matter. We have delighted in getting to know you, sharing an experience with you and look forward to your return. Thank you so much for your time, energy and dream sharing! You are a Champion!

Volunteers that complete two 4-hour shifts for a weekend will receive free camping and fair entry for that weekend.

Hip hip huzzah to our Champions!  

  • JJ Battle
  • Addie Bishop
  • Eddie Borter
  • Terri Borter
  • Emme Britton
  • Dalesha Brown
  • Jason Bruton
  • Dani Bryan
  • Dawn Bryan
  • Lilly Bryan
  • Sky Bryan
  • Ed Carter
  • Martin Castle
  • Axtyr Castle
  • Brandy Castle
  • Marth Castle
  • Eliora Catchot
  • Jo Catchot
  • Judah Catchot
  • Seraiah Catchot
  • Zebediah Catchot
  • Anthony Clifton
  • Lance Copeland
  • Lauren Copeland
  • Brian Corbett
  • Lacey Corbett
  • Nola Corbett
  • Audrice Corbett
  • Alyse Craven
  • Christine Dauzat
  • Michael Dauzat
  • Ray Dixon
  • Tammy Dixon
  • Pops Dixon
  • The Dove
  • Bryan Dunavant
  • Kent Ermey
  • Meredith Ford
  • Jake Gibson
  • Amber Gibson
  • Angela Gilmartin
  • Jessica Guilliams
  • Steve Guilliams
  • Dani Hand
  • Oriana Harrell
  • Greg Hart
  • Lisa Hart
  • Michael Haughey
  • Deanna Haughey
  • Matthew Kincaid
  • Rebeka Kincaid
  • Kenny Kirksey
  • Frank Krenek
  • Tommi Mabry
  • Manny
  • Pixer Mazander
  • Caitlyn Mckee
  • Kim Miller
  • Sarah Miller
  • Penny Morgan
  • Ethan Moseley
  • Jennifer Orsak
  • Heidi Pastore
  • Morgon Pavlicek
  • Beth Payne
  • Mike Payne
  • Synthia Payne
  • Kenny 3 Penny
  • Addie Pierson
  • David Pluff
  • Nathaniel Porter
  • T.J. Quinn
  • Zachary Redmon
  • Valerie Reichardt
  • Rick Riley
  • Sandra Riley
  • Dalesha Riley
  • James Riley
  • James Riley Jr.
  • Zane Riley
  • Richard Russell
  • Steven Schraudt
  • Erin Singleton
  • Sam Smith
  • Sonja
  • Barrett Stutsman
  • Brennan Stutsman
  • Kevin Stutsman
  • Bambi TeaFox
  • Tommy Thomas
  • Maina Toms
  • Anthony Toms
  • David Triplett
  • Mylei Turkenburg
  • Nick Turkenburg
  • Matt Wallace
  • Jacob Waller
  • Leah Waller
  • Jeanna Waller
  • Daniel Wennersten
  • Bobby Wiestling
  • Caleb Wood
  • Cole Woodson
  • Dan Zephyr
  • Cindy Franklin (Red Wolf)
  • Larry Morrell
  • Michael Winchell
  • Jonathan Neville
  • Matthew Mc Ewen
  • Mylei Turkenburg
  • Nick Turkenburg
  • Nicole Dahlstrom
  • Will Petty
  • Alyse Petty

If you have volunteered with us and do not see your name listed above, please email volunteer@faireofchampions.com so we may correct that oversight.