Entertainer FAQs

Entertainer FAQs

Entertainer Applications due by
October 1st, 2023

Please fill out and submit an Entertainer Application by October 1, 2023 to be considered for Faire of Champions, Building the Dream Season 2024. 

For questions or concerns, please email entertainment@faireofchampions.com

The property is primitive at this time. There is no running electricity or water. We do have generators and inverters available for stage entertainers, and you may bring your own. We do have porta-potties and hand washing stations with non-potable water. Potable water will not be provided, please bring your own. Please refer to the camping page for suggestions on generators, invertors, and portable batteries. Do we have electricity or water? 

Personal pets are not permitted inside the faire proper. Faire of Champions and Woodcock Woodlands follow ADA laws for service dogs. Please read the camping rules for more information.  

See our Dog Boarding page for local options for doggie daycare or boarding.

No. You will need to supply your own insurance and give a copy of your policy to your coordinator. If you do not have insurance, the following link is a good place to start. https://www.actinsurance.com/ 

No. It is the responsibility of the vendor to secure their items overnight and during the week. FoC does not take responsibility for unattended booths or property. 

You may bring a heat source, but you must have a fire extinguisher close by. While we will have food vendors on site, you may want to bring your own food/drink. 

You may bring your own sound system, invertors, portable batteries, etc. You are responsible to maintain the safety of said equipment. 

Banners, backdrops, signs and other advertisement/stage décor are allowed within reason. Please make arrangements with your coordinator before start of Season 2024. 

We are always willing to consider a part-time entertainer or special weekend entertainer. Please complete the Entertainer Application Form above AND email entertainment@faireofchampions.com with a request for part-time schedule. Please include the specific dates you will be available to perform.

Don’t forget we are a winter faire! Bring your cloaks and furs!