sunset at the Woodcock Woodlands
sunset at the Woodcock Woodlands


During Faire of Champions Building the Dream Season 2025, the campgrounds will open on Fridays at 12:00 PM and close on Monday at 12:00 PM.

RV’s and tents may be left in the campgrounds ONLY when accompanied by a Champion’s RV Pass or Champion’s Pass. All others will be considered abandoned.

Move-in Weekends

Move-in weekends are for Champion’s Pass holders, vendors, and entertainers to come setup for Season 2025.

December 7-8, 2024
December 14-15, 2024

Move-out Weekends

Move-out weekends are for Champion’s Pass holders, vendors, and entertainers to pack up their setup at the end of Season 2025.
February 07-09, 2025
February 14-16, 2025

Rules of the Woodcock Woodlands Campgrounds

Spirit of the rules is to consider others.

  1. Electricity – The property is rustic; if you have a need for electricity, you may bring a gas power inverter (preferred method) or a generator.
    1. Generators over a 67-decibel rating need to be in a baffle box and should be shut off by 12:00 AM every night. Please notify staff if you have a medical need for a generator exception pass. 
    2. Inverters are recommended in place of generators due to their lower decibel rates. Inverters are allowed to run through the night without needing a medical exception.
  2. Water – The property is rustic; if you have a need for water, you may bring it with you. Porta potty stations are located throughout the property.
  3. Noise – Please be considerate of your neighbors.
    1. Loud noise and music allowed until 12:00 AM, then reduced to a low level (background ambient music) until 2:00 AM, when it should be shut off. 
    2. Quiet hours are between 2:00 AM and 7:00 AM to allow for peaceful sleeping for all campers.
  4. Trash – Please do not litter in the campgrounds. Please make sure your campsite is clean when you leave.
    1. All campers are responsible for ensuring that their trash is picked up and disposed of appropriately. 
    2. Aluminum cans can be place in designated recycle receptacles at The Apple. 
    3. Trash is to be dumped in appropriate trash cans located at The Apple or in trash cans located at porta potty station. 
    4. Do not dump or dispose of camping toilet bags or other trash into the portable toilets.
  5. Animals – Well-behaved, quiet pets are allowed in the campgrounds. Any animal exhibiting aggressive behavior must be removed immediately.
    1. Owners are 100% responsible and libel for their pet’s behavior and actions while in the campgrounds and/or fairgrounds, as well as any damage or injury inflicted by their animal. 
    2. Animals must be leashed and wearing a current rabies vaccination tag while walking around the campgrounds. Leash holder should not be younger than 15 years old. 
    3. Animals at camp or guild sites will either need to be penned, muzzled, or otherwise restrained to prevent them from going outside that area or harming others. 
    4. All animal waste must be picked up IMMEDIATELY and disposed of by the owner (Bag it and throw it into a trashcan.) 
    5. No animals inside The Apple, Hall of Thanes, or Faire of Champions at any time unless it is a working service dog. Any working service dog in these areas must remain on the floor at all times. No dogs on the tables or benches. 
    6. Pet owners release and discharge liability for any injury or damage caused to pets during anytime while on campgrounds and/or fairgrounds.
  6. Vehicles – Please observe the proper roads on the property and do not drive through the woods or community areas.
    1. No vehicles are allowed to drive on Wandering Way (middle path of property) unless it is an emergency vehicle. 
    2. No ATV or dirt bikes are allowed in the campgrounds. 
    3. Do not park on a road at any time for any amount of time. 
    4. RVs are welcome; however, the property is rustic and does not have RV pads, electric or water hook ups, or filling and dumping stations. Please tend to your RV needs before and after your camping visit. Local stations are listed on the website. 
    5. Due to limited RV space, a reservation is required. Email for more information.
  7. Weapons – No firearms or fireworks are allowed on the property during faire season or scheduled events.
  8. Drugs and Alcohol – No illegal drugs or underage drinking will be allowed in the camp grounds.
  9. Fire – All fires are to be in an appropriate fire pit with legs or set on pavement stones. No fires directly on or in the ground.
    1. All fires MUST have a fire extinguisher in sight and easily reached.
    2. Do NOT leave a fire unattended. Someone must stay with an active fire pit at all times.
  10. Trees – Please respect the property in all areas and at all times.
    1. Do not put nails, screws or other objects into the trees on the property. 
    2. Do not cut or carve any trees on the property. 
    3. Do not dig holes on the property.
  11. Access to Events – Camping with Woodcock Woodlands does not include entrance to any paid events. If there is an event active during your stay at Woodcock Woodlands that you would like to attend, staff would be happy to direct you to Ticket Sales for that particular event.  

Rules for Woodcock Woodlands are subject to change at any time for any reason without notice. Violators may be subject to removal from campgrounds and suspension of campground privileges. 

Recommended Things to Bring

Don’t forget that this is a winter faire, so prepare for cold weather.


Mobile RV Repair

Restoration RV, LLC Aaron Severn

Dump Station

Buffalo RV Park
9928 US HWY 79E
Oakwood, TX 75855

This place also offers full RV hookup.

Campgrounds Map