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Here’s a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is Faire of Champions?

FoC is a new concept in immersive arts, entertainment, camping and events venue. FoC is more than a renaissance festival. It is a fantasy realm where people become part of the story and history of the realm, and they forge their legends.

Will FoC have Camping?

Yes! What is a fantasy faire without camping? In fact, camping has already begun, and guilds are beginning to claim land and help build FoC history. Our vision includes themed glamping areas that add to the fantasy-realm, immersive experience.

What time of year will FoC operate?

Camping events are happening now!

The Faire Ground itself will run during the first part of the year when it is cooler and more comfortable for patrons and artist. Anticipated dates are the weekend before or on January 1 through the last weekend in February. Soft opening of the Faire Ground is 2022, full opening of the faire by 2025.

Will FoC have off-season events?

Off-season events are happening now! FoC will have various off-season events including work weekends, gatherings, Viking/Celtic fest, and Pirate festivals.

Other off-season events at the property will be managed by Woodcock Woodlands.

Can I help in any way?

We always welcome individuals and guilds to come out and donate their time to develop and clear land or help with projects. Work weekends are a great time to meet new friends and be part of the FoC story and history.

Check our calendar or the FoC FB events page for work weekends. 

How can I become a Vendor or Entertainer?

See our Vendor FAQs page for answers to all your Vendor or Entertainer related questions.

Am I allowed to bring my pets into Faire of Champions?

Only service animals are allowed into the FoC fairgrounds. Non-service animals must remain in the campground area and follow the campground rules.