Crow and Hound

We specialize in Handcrafted Nordic wares. Most of our items are sourced by us here in Maine. We take special care to make each item by hand and created to be one of a kind. All items are cleansed and charged to insure you are receiving the highest quality we can provide.

Tempest Mystic Productions

Tempest Mystic Products is a altar supply and jewelry shop. We specialize in handmade incense, burners, small cauldrons, candles, alter supplies, chainmail jewelry and bells. Everything you need to start an altar or add to yours can be found at Tempest.

Woven Magic

We do fiber arts in spinning and weaving cloth. We take raw fiber of all kinds and demonstrations on how to do this and teach it at the same time. To anyone that might like to learn. We will have several looms set up at the fair so people can walk through the booth and… Continue reading Woven Magic

Witch Hovel

Come to the Witch Hovel before your next adventure! We have enchanting jewels for men and women. Declare your loyalty to Thor and your courageous partner in one stop. Hand woven gemstones, gorgeous stainless steel pendants and rings. Sigils for many Norse, Greek, Roman and Abrahamic deities/gods/saints! Mama Baba says, “Everything must go… For a… Continue reading Witch Hovel

The Hobo Patch

The Hobo Patch features quality, fun, colorful clothing that is made from natural materials. The majority of clothing is handmade in Nepal and is ethically sourced and ecologically friendly. The ‘vibe’ of our clothing and accessories is a mixture of hippie, patchwork and boho and a perfect look for faires, festivals, or just day to… Continue reading The Hobo Patch

SAS Originals

Eclectic goods consisting of laser engraved wood / plaques / cards, window cling suncatchers, and assorted sewn goods.

Salted and Bound

Welcome to Salted and Bound, we make homemade salt scrubs. We started with the simple idea of bringing the best from us to you. From our founder to our front-line workers, we put lots of love and careful thought into all we do. We hope you enjoy all we have to offer, and share the… Continue reading Salted and Bound

Rock It! US

Rock It features quality specimens to enhance your experience with a focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty.