ᚲᚺᚨᛁᚱᛊ ᛒᛁ ᚲᚱᛁᛊ

Handcrafted Viking chairs, modeled after a clever, two plank, ancient design. Handmade and completely customizable, these simple chairs are designed to allow you to sit comfortably by the campfire even with your axes!  

The Fool

“Fool Around and Find Out.”  is a mix of jokes, tricks, and audience participation using the guise of fae legends as to why certain things should not be done. In essence, things are not just wives tales, they make sense, because you don’t want to upset the fae. However, it comes down to do the… Continue reading The Fool

Professor Nickels’ Punch and Judy Show

Professor Nickels’ Punch and Judy Show is the continuation of a longstanding tradition of Punch and Judy puppetry that dates all the way back to 1662. Featuring a colorful cast of characters, Punch and Judy showcases the shenanigans of Mr. Punch, his wife Judy, a hungry crocodile, the Devil himself, and more zany characters as… Continue reading Professor Nickels’ Punch and Judy Show