Fire and Steam Emporium

When I set out to make my first hat, it was because I struggled to find a pirate tricorn that made me feel both beautiful and powerful at the same time. I made hats for myself and my friends and family to match their garb, allow them to stand out, and to let them feel that magical power that comes from donning a good hat. Choose a hat from my inventory or request a custom order, either way, a Fire and Steam Hat is a hat that you can build your garb around or use to complete the perfect outfit. But don’t stop there… in addition to pirate tricorns and steampunk top hats, I have a selection of hat pins, mug charms, plumage upgrades, and other accessories perfect for complementing your existing garb. Let me help you look your best with a glorious, fantastical or flamboyant hat on your head.