Foundation Weekend 2

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Faire of Champions’ fairgrounds and Woodcock Woodlands’ campgrounds are open during each Foundation Weekend for staff, guilds, and volunteers to work on the foundations of their individual and group projects to prepare for the next event/season. These weekends typically are filled with planning and work through the day, and evening gatherings to tell stories, laugh, and build on our foundations of friends and family.

While we have many volunteers that enjoy working on the land and building, we do realize that there are also many who would like to come out for a much need time of relaxation and socialization with faire family. Therefore, we are happy to tell you Woodcock Woodlands is opening a small area of the campgrounds for weekend camping.

Come on out and join us in the woods, relax and soak up nature, wander around the paths, and join us in the evenings for fun and family. Camping fees are $15 per person per weekend. Camping is rustic, so bring everything you will need, but Porta-potty is available.