Hall of Thanes
Yule Festival 2021

Hall of Thanes Yule Festival

December 17–20, 2021

A holiday event with a ‘Viking’ theme where everyone is part of the family! Join us for great food, amazing entertainment, unique vendors, games, and more.

Whether you want to join the Jarl’s war band, challenge your friends to a game of kubb, find a last minute gift from one of the vendors at our Yule Market, or just relax with some delicious food and a cup of yaupon tea, we have something for everyone.

Why not live the adventure for the whole weekend? Add a camping pass and enjoy our beautiful woods from Friday noon through Monday noon. If you are camping, then Saturday night you’ll be able to join us for Jarl Ófnir’s feast, samples of the Jarl’s mead, the burning of the Yule log, and Mangled Myths of Midgard will share an ‘inspired’ tale from the adventures of the Norse Gods (with a little help from the audience).

Get your tickets now and come celebrate the season with kith and kin, old friends and new!

Hosted by Faire of Champions and Sponsored by Hall of Thanes.

Tickets and Passes

Please make sure you purchase the correct ticket. All individuals purchasing an All Event Pass or FoC Season Camping Pass will need to present their pass in the form of an RV or Camping pass in order to set up on a move-in weekend.

All Event Passes

Includes camping and admission to the vendor/performers area for the Hall of Thanes Yule Festival 2021, Faire of Champions 2022, and the 5o7 January 2022 events.

The All Event RV Camping Pass is for one person and one RV.

The All Event General Camping Pass is for one person.

If you have multiple people coming in one RV, you will need to purchase one RV pass, and additional general camping passes for each additional person.

Hall of Thanes Event Tickets

The Hall of Thanes ’21 Weekend Pass is for admittance to the Hall of Thanes Yule Festival ’21 weekend covering December 17th – 19th

The Hall of Thanes ’21 Daily Ticket is for admittance for one day only into the Hall of Thanes Yule Festival.


Campgrounds open Friday at 12:00pm and close on Mondays at 12:00pm. All individuals will need to be out of the campgrounds by then.

RV’s and tents can remain in the campgrounds until the move out date as long as there was an All Event or General Season camping pass purchased.

Move in dates are the first two weekends of December 2021, starting on December 4th. Move out dates are the first two weekends of February 2022, starting on the February 5th. All tents and camping equipment need to be out no later than Sunday, February 13th, 2022 by 1:00pm.


  • Hall of Thanes

    Hall of Thanes

    Mead, beer, and cider.

  • Mugger’s Alley

    Sausage sandwich with grilled peppers and onions. Irish fries, kielbasa with saurkraut, Turkey Legs, chicken strips with fries, chicken wrap, bubble waffles with toppings, iced tea, coffee, shaken rosemary pink lemonade, mountain of mushrooms, yogurt and fruit cups.

  • The Rotten Apple

    The Rotten Apple

    Food and drink.

More to come…
  • Ace’s Faces

    Ace’s Faces

    Face painting, face gems and glitter designs

  • Artwork by Jayde Hilliard

    Artwork by Jayde Hilliard

    Original artwork, prints of my original artwork, stickers, totes and shirts featuring my artwork. Custom lasercut pins and jewelry. Parasols, fans, crystal jewelry, silver rings and earrings, as well as necklaces. Tarot decks with my artwork.

  • Aura Emergence & Sirena’s Creations

    Aura Emergence & Sirena’s Creations

    All natural bath bombs, soap, body butters, cloaks, head pieces

  • Blue Moon Gypsy Tea Room

    Services: Fortune tellers – Tea Leaf Reading, Aura Mapping, Throwing bones, Palmistry, Tarot

  • Bricks & Boards

    Mix of Leatherwork, Jewelry, Metalwork, Woodwork, and Lego.

  • Crown Jewel Braids

    Crown Jewel Braids

    Hair Styling – Braids

  • Dragonfly Acres

    Dragonfly Acres

    Laser Engraved Wood and Wood CNC Carvings

  • Feistypants Creations

    Feistypants Creations

    Leather items, including, dice trays and shaving kits. Also, rice/corn filled quilted heat packs, tufted wall art.

  • Got Wood Cups

    Got Wood Cups

    Wood Cups, Games, Tables.

  • Let’s Hurl

    Axe throwing

  • Natural Goodness

    Natural Goodness

    Jams, Jellies, Salsas, savory and sweet breads

  • Renaissance Chick

    Renaissance Chick

    Crystals jewelry and handmade items

  • The Thistle Room

    The Thistle Room

    Soy candles, goats milk soap, herb bundles, loose leaf teas, crystals, jewelry, resin work.

  • Triple S Arms LLC

    Triple S Arms LLC

    Swords, knives, (both costume and functional live edge carbon steel), damascus blades, folders, axes, maces, wooden swords, wooden crossbows.

  • Wreaths of Glory

    Seasonal flower garlands for the hair

  • Ye Olde Soap Box

    All Handmade products made on our farm include goat milk soap, beer soap, lotion, lip balm, sugar scrub, beard oil, shaving bar, bath bombs, bath salts and more bath and body products.

  • Yellow Rose Clay Works

    Clay trinkets, small clay trays, clay jewelry, clay fairy houses, etc, all handmade by me.

More to come…
  • Scallywags Raks

    Scallywags Raks

    Scallywags Raks Crew are bringing their fun “Variety Show” to Faire of Champions. Ready thyself for bad jokes and really bad Viking magic. We shall then make ye dizzy with twirling skirt and dazzle ye eyes with swords and FIRE!!!

More to come…