winter renaissance faire accessories, horns and tankards


We are planning on having over 40 vendors for our 2023 season.

  • Weirdly Cute

    Weirdly Cute is a three generation, women run shop. We offer items to make your home as weird and cute as you want. We offer incense burners, dragon and fairy statues, mugs, art and leather works for decorating your fantasy home.

  • Two Snakes Apothecary

    Two Snakes Apothecary

    natural apothecary products, no soaps, oils and tinctures, handmade art and jewelry pieces made from natural materials

  • Two Butterflies

    Two Butterflies a family business sells all hand made accessories. Come by and get your Fantasy ear cuffs, Hair bobbles, and much more.

  • Todd Henderson Digital Maker and Ubergeek

    Todd Henderson Digital Maker and Ubergeek

    Our products are a fusion of brass work and leather work. All of our products are handmade and most of them include brass fittings all made in house. Many of our items feature hand etched designs and scroll work. We pride ourself in using ethically sources materials for all of our products.

  • These Needful Things

    I am the artist doing character creations etc for FoC. I have art for sale as well as jewelry and other items. My booth also featured “August The Mighty” The official tiny mighty Raptor of FoC that people flocked to visit at the 2022 groundbreaking year season

  • The Horny Wench

    The Horny Wench

    Quality handmade drinking horns and natural horn products

  • The Back 12 Custom Creations

    The Back 12 Custom Creations

    Coffin shelves and decor .. book of shadows.. incense holder … smudge kits .. handmade knives… Handmade axe..

  • Tha Booty Shoppe

    Plunder, snacks and treasure from throughout the globe.

  • Texas THC Wine

    Texas THC Wine

    We have 40mg non alcoholic THC wines and 10mg gummies.

  • Texas Bath House

    Texas Bath House

    Handmade Goat Milk Soaps, Lotions, Perfume Oils and other bath and body products. Texas Bath House…a cleansing experience!

  • Rugged History Beard Co.

    Rugged History Beard Co.

    We offer men’s grooming products, Beard care products ranging from oils to wash and conditioner. The beard oils are a dry oil made to absorb quickly into the skin and not leave ya feeling oily all day long. We also offer hot process soaps, body wash, cologne, and some men’s lotion.

  • Red Dog Forge

    Red Dog Forge

    I’m a demonstrating blacksmith and bladesmith

  • Peacock and Krow Plunder Emporium

    Peacock and Krow Plunder Emporium

    Just a tad bit of everything! Peacock and Krow Plunder Emporium has ye leather, jewelry, garb, hats, trinkets, bits and bobs, and one of a kind pieces for ye next adventure.

  • Ori’s Orbit Lounge

    Ori’s Orbit Lounge

    Costume thrift store

  • MishCraft

    dragon/fae hatchable eggs, resin items, tarot/palmistry

  • Midgard Apothecary

    Midgard Apothecary

    Metaphysical items including – essential oils, crystals, runes, altar supplies. Other similar items including – resin crafts, drinking horns, sheepskins, jewelry.

  • LMC Soap

    LMC Soap

    I sell all natural soap and bath bombs

  • Joy Ink LLC

    Custom engraved rings

  • Indigo Moon Ceramics

    Indigo Moon Ceramics

    Small batch ceramic artist with an emphasis on cottage core wares.

  • Horns of Helheim

    Horns of Helheim

    We sell primarily Drinking Horns and other horn type accessories with engravings and such. We also sell jewelry themed from Norse Mythology and also from historical Viking age Scandinavia and the lands the Nordic peoples interacted with. Such as from Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, The Iberian Peninsula, The Byzantine Empire, and even the land of… Continue reading Horns of Helheim

  • Hillbilly Furnature and Furs

    Hillbilly Furnature and Furs

    We sell Furs, bones and taxidermy

  • Got Wood Cups

    Got Wood Cups

    Wood Cups, Games, Tables.

  • Gem Stone Mine

    Gem Stone Mine

    The booth serves to provide a unique, theatrical, gemstone mine experience! Guests choose their own treasure adventure, finding one of a kind works of art and meeting fantastical characters along the way. Guests enter into a space that is transformed (pop up set), where the gems are plentiful and the likes of faeries and mermaids… Continue reading Gem Stone Mine

  • Forget Me Knot Stitchery

    Forget Me Knot Stitchery


  • Fire and Steam Emporium

    Fire and Steam Emporium

    When I set out to make my first hat, it was because I struggled to find a pirate tricorn that made me feel both beautiful and powerful at the same time. I made hats for myself and my friends and family to match their garb, allow them to stand out, and to let them feel… Continue reading Fire and Steam Emporium

  • Feistypants Creations

    Feistypants Creations

    Leather items, including, dice trays and shaving kits. Hand crafted items – 3D printed items, rug art, leather work, small sewn goods, and crochet accessories.

  • Farrago Bibelots

    Farrago Bibelots

    Farrago BibelotsFarrago (fuh-rah-GO) means a variety or medley. A bibelot (bib-LOH) is an object of curiosity, beauty or rarity. Here at Farrago Bibelots that is what we sell, a variety of pretty curiosities from medieval Africa and beyond. On our shelves you can find pottery, artwork and home decor all inspired by the trade routes… Continue reading Farrago Bibelots

  • Elemental Henna

    The body is a canvas and henna allows us to temporarily create art on it.

  • Eastern Woods Art

    Eastern Woods Art

    Handmade art in wood, leather, thread, and stone

  • Dragonfly Acres

    Dragonfly Acres

    Laser Engraved Wood and Wood CNC Carvings

  • Crown Jewel Braids

    Crown Jewel Braids

    Hair Styling using braids, twists and accessories.

  • Cravencrow Costuming

    Cravencrow Costuming

    Fantasy costuming accessories shop specializing in high quality wizard hats and cloaks

  • Capturing Essence

    Capturing Essence

    Uniquely handcrafted artisan chainmaille jewelry woven one ring at a time for a timeless sophistication suitable for any occasion.

  • Broken Leaf Tea & Apothocary

    Broken Leaf Tea & Apothocary

    We are an action/adventure Tea shop & Full scales Apothecary! Our Medicinal Tea blends and herbal products are created by our certified master herbalist. We also flavor all of our loose leaf tea ourselves. We have very unique flavors as well as traditional. On the action/adventure side of things we create & make leather work… Continue reading Broken Leaf Tea & Apothocary

  • Boss Blades Forge

    Boss Blades Forge

    Old World Forging with New Age Steels. Proudly producing the highest performing blades continuously.

  • Blackhouse Cigars

    Blackhouse Cigars

    Hand rolled premium aged organic cigars

  • Bells Leatherworks

    Bells Leatherworks

    Custom leather workers and furriers providing custom leather armor and accessories and single furs and cloaks.

  • Ace’s Faces

    Ace’s Faces

    Face painting, face gems and glitter designs

  • A Touch of Healing Lotions

    A Touch of Healing Lotions

    A Touch of Healing Lotions makes CBD infused, topical, body products. We currently offer lotion, fizzing bath salts, lip balms and more products are coming soon! Helping you manage your CBD needs means the world to us. Our products have zero THC and we have the lab results to prove it.

  • 2 Sheep Boutique

    2 Sheep Boutique

    We create one-of-a-kind clothing, accessory, and household items from recycled and repurposed materials.

We are planning on having up to 50 vendors for the ground breaking season

  • Tyler Stokes

    Tyler Stokes

    The Tyler Stokes band is a Perfect mix between Texas Outlaw Country and southern rock.

  • The Fool

    The Fool

    “Fool Around and Find Out.”  is a mix of jokes, tricks, and audience participation using the guise of fae legends as to why certain things should not be done. In essence, things are not just wives tales, they make sense, because you don’t want to upset the fae. However, it comes down to do the… Continue reading The Fool

  • Tarina of the Forest

    Tarina of the Forest

    Storyteller /author Tarina is a traveled author who writes and tells stories from her travels in the land between dreams and imaginations.

  • Slickrock Hoodoo

    Slickrock Hoodoo

    Slickrock Hoodoo understands the proven strategy “to be a hit…play a hit.” That’s what we bring to your event…one hit after another.

  • Scallywags Raks

    Scallywags Raks

    Scallywags Raks Crew are bringing their fun “Variety Show” to Faire of Champions. Ready thyself for bad jokes and really bad Viking magic. We shall then make ye dizzy with twirling skirt and dazzle ye eyes with swords and FIRE!!!

  • Scallywags Raks

    Scallywags Raks

    The Scallywags Raks Crew is a Theatrical dance, music and song group that offers you stories of Adventure and Misfortune.

  • Scallywags Raks

    Scallywags Raks

    Scallywags Raks Crew are bringing their fun “Variety Show” to Faire of Champions. Ready thyself for bad jokes and really bad Viking magic. We shall then make ye dizzy with twirling skirt and dazzle ye eyes with swords and FIRE!!!

  • Professor Nickels’ Punch and Judy Show

    Professor Nickels’ Punch and Judy Show

    Professor Nickels’ Punch and Judy Show is the continuation of a longstanding tradition of Punch and Judy puppetry that dates all the way back to 1662. Featuring a colorful cast of characters, Punch and Judy showcases the shenanigans of Mr. Punch, his wife Judy, a hungry crocodile, the Devil himself, and more zany characters as… Continue reading Professor Nickels’ Punch and Judy Show

  • Pair of Pirates

    Pair of Pirates

    Captain Jack’s School for Young Pirates AND Musical Entertainment (trio)

  • Opal Dragons

    Opal Dragons

    Acoustic duo with percussion and funny repartee and great harmonies. Performing originals, pirate songs, pagan friendly tunes and classic rock covers.

  • Opal & Jade: Off-Colored Treasures

    Opal & Jade: Off-Colored Treasures

    We are saucy singing sisters, professional wenches, and fantastically fun general entertainers. We provide audiences with a naughty, bawdy good time!

  • Ermagerd the Bard

    Ermagerd the Bard

    Ermagerd is a bard: a historic musician and wordsmith.

  • Ermagerd Bard

    Ermagerd Bard

    Ermagerd is a bard: a historic musician and wordsmith.

  • Captain Ace

    Captain Ace

    Bubble show, Pirate show (all kid friendly)