Renaissance Fair accessories


We are planning on having up to 50 vendors for the ground breaking season.

  • Yellow Rose Clay Works

    Clay trinkets, small clay trays, clay jewelry, clay fairy houses, etc, all handmade by me.

  • Ye Olde Soap Box

    All Handmade products made on our farm include goat milk soap, beer soap, lotion, lip balm, sugar scrub, beard oil, shaving bar, bath bombs, bath salts and more bath and body products.

  • Wreaths of Glory

    Seasonal flower garlands for the hair

  • Triple S Arms LLC

    Triple S Arms LLC

    Swords, knives, (both costume and functional live edge carbon steel), damascus blades, folders, axes, maces, wooden swords, wooden crossbows.

  • The Witch’s Hovel

    The Witch’s Hovel

    Jewelry, home decor, lotions, rubs, beard oil

  • The Thistle Room

    The Thistle Room

    Soy candles, goats milk soap, herb bundles, loose leaf teas, crystals, jewelry, resin work.

  • The Evergreen Goddess Apothecary and Emporium & Sirena’s Creations

    The Evergreen Goddess Apothecary and Emporium & Sirena’s Creations

    I am High Priestess Anastasia and I am creating this page for all who want to come learn about the Goddess and dragons. Please join me in celebrating the Goddess and Dragons!

  • Tha Booty Shoppe

    Plunder, snacks and treasure from throughout the globe.

  • Sugarhill Mudworks

    Sugarhill Mudworks

    Handmade pottery and ceramic art

  • Scallywag Creations

    Ice Dyed silk and cotton, marbled silk cotton, wood and leather items. Hand engraved glass items, Wood burned items, silk inlayed jewelry.

  • Robin Hood Archery

    Archery booth, shoot arrows for fun.

  • Renaissance Chick

    Renaissance Chick

    Crystals jewelry and handmade items

  • O’Sullivan’s Fur Shack

    O’Sullivan’s Fur Shack

    Fur pelts and custom made fur items.

  • Natural Goodness

    Natural Goodness

    Jams, Jellies, Salsas, savory and sweet breads

  • Midgard Apothecary

    Midgard Apothecary

    Metaphysical items including – essential oils, crystals, runes, altar supplies. Other similar items including – resin crafts, drinking horns, sheepskins, jewelry.

  • Let’s Hurl

    Axe throwing

  • Got Wood Cups

    Got Wood Cups

    Wood Cups, Games, Tables.

  • Feistypants Creations

    Feistypants Creations

    Leather items, including, dice trays and shaving kits. Also, rice/corn filled quilted heat packs, tufted wall art.

  • Earth and Time Bohemian Bizarre

    Earth and Time Bohemian Bizarre

    Leather and felt hats and feathers. Leather and fabric pouches. Leather and fabric belts. Leather accessories. Coats, capes, and vests. Corsets, blouses, and skirts. Shirts, pants, and jackets. Kilts. Fans. Headbands, hat pins, bracelets, pendants, wooden toys.

  • Dragonfly Acres

    Dragonfly Acres

    Laser Engraved Wood and Wood CNC Carvings

  • Crown Jewel Braids

    Crown Jewel Braids

    Hair Styling – Braids

  • Chained Reaction Chainmail

    Chained Reaction Chainmail

    Custom chainmail and scalemail jewelry and other items

  • Bricks & Boards

    Mix of Leatherwork, Jewelry, Metalwork, Woodwork, and Lego.

  • Blue Moon Gypsy Tea Room

    Services: Fortune tellers – Tea Leaf Reading, Aura Mapping, Throwing bones, Palmistry, Tarot

  • Aura Emergence & Sirena’s Creations

    Aura Emergence & Sirena’s Creations

    All natural bath bombs, soap, body butters, cloaks, head pieces

  • Artwork by Jayde Hilliard

    Artwork by Jayde Hilliard

    Original artwork, prints of my original artwork, stickers, totes and shirts featuring my artwork. Custom lasercut pins and jewelry. Parasols, fans, crystal jewelry, silver rings and earrings, as well as necklaces. Tarot decks with my artwork.

  • Alaric’s Traveling Emporium

    Smaller bladesmithing products such as knives, as well as general blacksmithed utility items, LARP and real weapons, custom-made adventuring items (fantasy rucksacks, potion bottles, bedrolls, general adventuring gear, props of various magic items, etc.), some clothing items, some armour (mostly custom-made), leather goods appropriate to adventuring parties, and similar. The concept is a traveling emporium… Continue reading Alaric’s Traveling Emporium

  • Ace’s Faces

    Ace’s Faces

    Face painting, face gems and glitter designs

We are planning on having up to 50 vendors for the ground breaking season

  • Tyler Stokes

    Tyler Stokes

    The Tyler Stokes band is a Perfect mix between Texas Outlaw Country and southern rock.

  • Slickrock Hoodoo

    Slickrock Hoodoo

    Slickrock Hoodoo understands the proven strategy “to be a hit…play a hit.” That’s what we bring to your event…one hit after another.

  • Scallywags Raks

    Scallywags Raks

    Scallywags Raks Crew are bringing their fun “Variety Show” to Faire of Champions. Ready thyself for bad jokes and really bad Viking magic. We shall then make ye dizzy with twirling skirt and dazzle ye eyes with swords and FIRE!!!

  • Scallywags Raks

    Scallywags Raks

    The Scallywags Raks Crew is a Theatrical dance, music and song group that offers you stories of Adventure and Misfortune.

  • Ermagerd Bard

    Ermagerd Bard

    Ermagerd is a bard: a historic musician and wordsmith.